The NanoGagliato Documentary Project

The French documentarist Charles-Antoine de Rouvre has produced a short documentary video about the 2011 Nanogagliato Conference (see below), the pilot for a proposed full-length documentary that will be submitted to the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. For more about the proposed full-length documentary and opportunities to support this project, download our prospectus. Donations can be made online.

This films peek into the original incubator that is NanoGagliato and its protagonists, offering overviews of far-reaching medical perspectives along with snapshots of individual lives, reactions from the community and visions of possible developments that bring hope for the future of medicine.   

What brings this international community back to Gagliato year after year? This documentary takes you on a surprising ride through the streets of the most unlikely place for an 'extraterrestrial' invasion of XXI century scientific revolutionaries on a mission to change medicine and free humankind from the scourge of untreatable diseases.



Documentary Prospectus

Artists in Residence

Jo Ann Fleischhauer

Guido Bottazzo

Charles-Antoine de Rouvre

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